Back From Summer Camp

Thursday, June 24, 2010
I had the awesome opportunity to spend a couple of days at Student Camp X at Myrtle Beach this week. Some thoughts and reflections from that time.

-It was great for us to do this camp with the team from Ridge Church. They are a great church first of all, so it was no surprise that their leaders are over the top great as well. Thanks to Patrick and John and Chris and their entire team for sharing their kids and their time with us.

-Your youth staff of volunteers and pastors does an INCREDIBLE job of making something out of near nothing. The environment where the kids worshipped and listened to teaching - a boring, plain, slightly creaky hotel conference room - was absolutely TRANSFORMED into something amazing. The creativity and good stewardship of our people is amazing.

-It's not necessarily a reassuring thing when your iPhone freezes, you don't know your wife's phone number so you have to walk half a mile to her hotel so she won't worry when she can't get hold of you but you forgot her room number and it is midnight and she is registered under her maiden name but the front desk guy tells you where she is anyway even though it is midnight and you are agitated and sweaty from walking half a mile. Just sayin'.

-I was blown away by our volunteers, many of whom took time off from work to be with kids. You guys have to know that I would put our volunteer leaders up against most church's STAFF youth pastors. It was fun to watch them love on and interact with the students.

-I LOVE our students. Seriously. They are a great group...a GREAT group. And I am not biased just because they listened attentively to this old guy!

-I told them "God does not just want you to survive life; he wants you to be a world-changer". That is true for any age!

-Impressed with Pastor Jared Kirk. ALways impressed by his teaching and leadership ability but he did something at this camp that was highly unusual - - he did not teach, or even take the stage much. He led others lead and teach, giving up the spotlight. That's a servant-leader!

-Last, non-camp musing...Against All Odds, our series on Elijah starts this Sunday and I am incredibly excited about it. Excited about this portion of Scripture and how it has the potential to blow our worlds up as individuals and a church. And excited that this Sunday we have a song I GUARANTEED you have never heard in church!

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