Monday Reflections

Monday, June 21, 2010
-Sometimes all you can say is "WOW". Yesterday at NLC was one of those WOW!, "Only God" moments. Couldn't believe the crowd for Ultimate Man Day. Couldn't believe the energy. Couldn't believe the guests - kids inviting parents, friend inviting friend, bikers inviting bikers. Couldn't believe the insanely great army of volunteers. It was absolutely one of the high water marks in our history as a church and I could barely sleep last night until really late even though my body was worn out!

-If you were a volunteer yesterday you knocked the ball out of the park. THANK YOU! The campus has never looked better and there has never been more electricity in the air. Your efforts - slaving behind a grill, selling cigars, setting up chairs and tables...whatever you were doing...had a DIRECT impact on hearts for all of eternity. Thanks for giving yourself away so that God could connect people to himself!

-Big Idea from the teaching: FAITHFULNESS IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR. Don't shy away from taking a faithfulness inventory this week and taking whatever next steps you need to!

-Heading down to Student Camp in Myrtle Beach tonight to speak for the morning session. So pumped to get to be with this amazing group of students and leaders who, by the way, are called to change the world! Please pray every day - from now until they return on Thursday - that God will make this a life-altering, mind-bending, world-changing weekend for these students.

-Can't wait for the launch of our new teaching series next week - AGAINST ALL ODDS. We're looking at the life of this amazing leader/prophet Elijah. As I have been diving deep into his life in the Scripture I am being blown away by how important a figure he is in the Bible and how incredibly relevant the lessons from his life are for us today. Don't miss our kickoff!

-These are great days at Next Level - instead of the beginnings of a summer slump we are in a major league growth curve and I have never been more excited about our future!

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