Monday Morning Reflections

Monday, June 07, 2010
Great to be back to the NLC Blog after a pretty crazy two weeks!

-Amazing day on campus yesterday. Maybe the best day musically we have ever had...I never tire of thanking God for the amazing musical talent he has blessed us with.

-I did not plan on doing the extended prayer/commitment time at the end of the teaching, but God was clearly leading and directing that way. When we capture areas of our lives lacking self-control and yield them to God he begins to get crazy in our lives - and He desperately wants to do that! It was clear that the Lord was leading us to stop and create space for that to happen in the service when He disrupts our plans, even small ones!

-If you were one of those who made a next step commitment to open or close a door in the area of self-control anticipate that your enemy will come at you this week with barrels blazing! That's OK - it shows that God is up to something big in your life. Don't be discouraged and remember that the Spirit is the one doing the work in and through you - ask for His help!

-Wednesday Night Community was great, even though we had it in an absolute monsoon! Thrilled that nearly 200 folks showed up in horrible driving conditions. Don't miss this week - I am going to cover about 20 books of the Bible in thirty minutes in the Bible In Five Weeks Track, part two of 'Love and War' will strengthen your marriage, and your kids will get slimy and dirty over in the Kids' Track...and what's not to love about that.

-We are still looking for a military tank for Ultimate Man Day on Father's Day! You don't want Jared to have to face down an epic fail, do you? Help a brother out!

-What dad are you inviting to Ultimate Man Day?

-One of the things I love about NLC is that we don't shut down for the summer - God doesn't, so why should we? This is going to be the best summer ever!

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