Sunday Recap

Monday, August 02, 2010
What a great Sunday for week two of The Best Church Ever!

I was so excited to teach on the topic of spiritual gifts because it's one of those truths that if you get it down it changes your spiritual life forever.

There was a lot of Bible in the teaching yesterday, and we moved fast, so I wanted to recap the teaching for you here.

-The Big Idea: The best church ever has its people fully engaged, exercising their spiritual gifts.

-Spiritual gifts are talents and abilities given by God to every Christ-follower that are intended to be used to encourage each other and accomplish Jesus' mission through the church.

-Four things make spiritual gifts work in the best church ever:

1. The Holy Spirit, who is the source of the gifts (1 Cor 12:4-7), meaning that we aren't allowed to take pride in our gifts AND that we have an obligation to exercise those gifts.

2. Pastors, who equip and unify people to use their gifts (Ephesians 4:11-12) - the equipping is from the teaching of Scripture applied to our lives and the unifying comes around the common mission God has given our church.

3. People who are fully engaged, using their spiritual gifts (Romans 12:6-8) - we know what our gifts are and we are exercising them diligently.


4. All of us exercising the one gift we all have in common - the gift of inviting (John 1:43-46) - we use our gifts to create an irresistible "come and see for yourself" environment at Next Level and we do everything we can to get everyone we know there!

So have you discovered your spiritual gift?
And are you exercising it?
And are you inviting everyone you can to NLC?

Tall order, but it's what it takes to be part of the best church ever!

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