Monday Reflections

Monday, October 18, 2010
-Writing this from Myrtle Beach where we are in a few days of meetings with the Missionary Church, one of our church planting partners. So grateful for their hospitality in inviting us and covering all our expenses.

-This is the time of the year to come to the beach! Still warm enough to get out there, but not ninety-five degrees and it is not crowded! Grateful for a few days here...

-REALLY grateful for an AMAZING day at NLC yesterday - WOW on the healing prayer experience. At least a hundred people came forward to be specifically prayed for - I believe God did some significant healing and began the process of healing for so many and it was humbling to be a part of it. Thanks to all of the leaders who did the ministry work of prayer. So great to be standing beside you guys.

-If possible, I am even MORE pumped for this coming Sunday, and OVATION. To have the luxury of an extended time of worship and sharing in Communion, I can't wait. And can't wait to see what our worship team has to unleash!

- I mentioned this on the blog last week but we have called an audible on our next teaching series and I believe it has the potential to be our most timely and impactful series ever. More details later this week and on Sunday!

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