An Urgent Call to Prayer at Next Level Church

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
I knew this would happen.

Because in a time of plauteauing and declining church attendance, the number of people showing up and getting involved at NLC continues to grow month after month.

Because we have already seen more people make first time decisions to follow Christ in 2010 (246) than in ALL of 2009.

Because we have been working through James, a book where if you actually do what it says your life gets hard-core changed.

Because we taught two weeks ago on Satan and spiritual warfare.

Because this past Sunday we experienced an amazing time of healing prayer together.

Do these sorts of things and the Enemy says "Seriously? You're going to mess with me there? OK, then, see how you like this."

I have been praying hard the last three weeks because I knew our leaders were going to get whacked because of what is happening here.

And they did.

Our staff was heading to Myrtle Beach this week for meetings with one of our church planting partners. For many of our staff families this was a much needed getaway. Best of all, the trip was completely paid for by the guys we were meeting with. All good, right?

Until family members started getting sick and one staff couple had to bail. And two of our staff guys got violently ill on the trip and four folks had to come back early. Until one staff couple's little boy fell and hurt his head and his mom had to rush back home at 5 AM. Until the staff guy who stayed behind because of an ailing inlaw got "sick as a dog" himself. Until one of our team member's sister got a scary diagnosis almost a continent away.

The Sunday AFTER we did healing prayer. Coincidence? Not so much.

I grieve with and feel for my partners and friends who are enduring this monster of a week, a direct attempt by the Enemy to mock and discourage and throw us off the track.

But I revel in the fact that this shows we are fighting and winning and we are dangerous! YOU are dangerous, Next Level Church.

I need your help.

Pray. For these things:

1. With joy that Christ has won the battle and we are now engaged in mop up duty. It is hard and treacherous mop up duty but the Cross and Resurrection sealed the deal.

2. Pray for spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical protection for our leaders and their families. As often as you can.

3. Pray that no challenge we face will derail or delay the great stuff God wants to continue to accomplish through Next Level. Pray for courage for me and the rest of our leaders - courage and clear vision.

I have never been more excited about our destiny as a church than I am today. Battle-filled weeks like this one just whet my appetite for more...and for more of God's glory to be revealed!

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