The Power of a Whisper

Thursday, October 14, 2010
On of my favcrite authors - Bill Hybels - recently released a book called The Power of a Whisper.

It's about his 50+ year odyssey of hearing from our "communicating God" who often speaks through quiet nudges, "whispers" rather than the big dramatic gestures or crystal clear text messages we would all prefer.

I've become convinced that one of the hallmarks of maturity as a Christ-follower is learning to hear these in the moment whispers from God and developing the ability to distinguish God's voice from our own thoughts or the thoughts of other people. That ability can make all the difference when we have a difficult choice to make, face a perplexing dilemma, or have to choose to respond to a challenge in the moment.

I'm still learning how to do this, but I had a great experience with a God-whisper recently.

We plan our teaching series a year in advance. Of course, God can change things anytime he wants but we believe that God is just as present in advance planning as he is in last second course changes.

We had a series planned to begin October 31, but I couldn't get to the place of feeling pumped about it (and, as you know, I am always PUMPED - genuinely so - when we start a new series). So, I tried to exercise my creative muscles, studied a little harder, brainstormed...and nothing.

Nothing wrong with the series - we will probably do it one day - but it just was not catching fire for me.

Then, a God-whisper. "Maybe you're not pumped because I want you to do something else". More whispers, conversation.

And at the end of it, a totally different series that I am convinced is perfect for this moment at Next Level and is going to change lives for eternity - not only for our folks but for the friends in whom they are investing and inviting.

And, you guessed it, I am PUMPED!

The original series would have been great. But I am haunted by the fact that had I not heard God's whisper we would not have switched to the series that I believe is divinely appointed for this November.

Do you know how to hear God's whisper? What is he whispering to you now? Where do you need to create space and time so that you can hear the power of a whisper?

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