Monday Reflections

Monday, October 25, 2010
-OVATION will go down as a high water mark for us as a church. I KNEW it would be a powerful time, but I did not know just how powerful. Gratified for the folks in tears and those who simply remained seated for a while at the end of the service. We shall do this again. Soon.

-Having a simple, focused agenda - saying thanks to God - is, upon further reflection - a pretty cool way to spend an hour on Sunday morning.

-Our worship folks -as ALWAYS - rose to the challenge. They work very hard every week and to add more tunes and arrangements without missing a beat (literally) was amazing. Those guys are great worshippers as well as worship leaders.

-Excited about Trunk or Treat this Sunday night. This is not an original idea for NLC - to say the least - but our focus is pretty original. This is NOT just for us, but mostly for our neighbors in the surrounding communities of Matthews and Stallings...we are hoping that literally hundreds of new folks will find their way to NLC as a result of this outreach. So be there with your kids, but BRING PEOPLE!

-Fireproof: Five Weeks to a Stronger Marriage begins this Sunday as well. This week we'll be looking at the five main marriage myths that can hamstring our relationships.

-Now, seriously, has there ever been a better Sunday to invite people than this one - a series that will be incredibly relevant for everyone, married or single (single folks, you get a whole week of the series for yourself!) and Trunk or Treat?

-I think Fireproof is going to make a HUGE difference in more than one family's life! Excited!

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