Monday Reflections

Monday, October 04, 2010
-I know I say this every week, but what a GREAT weekend at Next Level!! I say that mainly because every weekend is truly great and God-touched.

-Am enjoying so much digging deep in the book of James but, man, it is kicking my tail!

-This next week is HUGE. I am teaching on Satan and spiritual warfare. So we can expect Satan himself to be very much in opposition. I am praying extra hard for protection for all of you NLCers this week. Guys, I am going to be gut level practical on how to recognize Satan for who he is, what he does and how we can fight back. And PLEASE pray for me. You do NOT want to miss this week!

-Amazing turnout for Girls Nite Out on Friday night - room full of great women and they even took over the Fire Pit for a while. Excited about how this is going to foster community and lead to increased numbers of people in Life Groups.

-Thank you for letting me sing on Sunday and not booing me off the stage or throwing rotten tomatoes! I can promise you it won't happen again any time soon.

-I am not optimistic about the Panthers. Truly not optimistic. The ending of that game yesterday took the wind out of my sails. Please. Run. Straight. Ahead. D'Angelo. Please?

-Our most important metric is people who pray to receive Jesus Christ for the first time at Next Level. This year's number has already shattered last year's record and we still have some key opportunities where we are going to make the Gospel very clear and offer people the chance to respond. Keep it up - you guys are doing an amazing job inviting the people you are investing in! Keep it up and make sure you have them there THIS Sunday!

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