Sunday Recap - sTudEnT tAkEoVeR

Monday, May 23, 2011
Ok, so you drive on campus on a Sunday...a teenager waves at you coming in the parking lot. Then, a teenager tells you where to park. Then, a teenager welcomes you and your family as you approach the building. A teenager checks your child in for the best day of their week, where they will spend an hour hanging with another teenager. As you head towards the auditorium, a teenager opens the door for you and says "Good Morning." As you walk over to grab that piping cup of Starbucks coffee, a teenager is behind the counter serving you. As you make your way through the auditorium doors, you are handed a worship a teenager. As you contemplate where you should sit, a teenager directs you to the best seat in the house. You turn and look, and the entire tech booth is FILLED with teenagers. As the countdown hits zero, you see the lights come up and the band, again, is filled with teenagers. Throughout the service, you see videos and hear stories of life-change from teenagers. And finally, you are challenged with a message of leading this next generation well...why, because there are a lot of TEENAGERS, meaning, we have a big responsibility. You leave thinking, "Man, if that's what it's like, I should plug my teenager into the student ministry!" No, this wasn't a dream...this was STUDENT TAKEOVER, and we hope you enjoyed it!!!

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