Up All Night - NLC Student Ministry

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
So, attention must be paid to the Student All-Nighter this past Friday night.

I grew up in a church that had all nighters as well. I went to one. As a fourteen year old I was a wreck. Especially when my dad got me up at 8 AM the morning after to mow the lawn.

So, my first deal is to say THANK YOU to the amazing adult volunteers who drove vans and loved on kids and stayed up all night. You guys are the best. We have amazing adult volunteers in our student ministry.

I am also impressed with Pastor Robbie McLaughlin who stayed up all night on Friday and then taught for me on Sunday morning!

Bottom line we had seventeen kids trust Jesus Christ for the first time. And we had no physical injuries! Two good stats, those.

Think of that for a minute. Seventeen lives altered for all eternity. Ripple effects because of the relationships and families those lives will touch. The classmates, roommates, cubicle mates they will have. And the ripple effects that go from there.

NLC, you should be proud to have a team of leaders like the ones who lead our student ministry. And you should be proud to know how great our students themselves are. I had the chance to be part of a high school Life Group this past semester. These guys are going to be world-changers.

Let's commit together to praying two things this week:

-Gratitude for our students and their leaders.
-For the Gospel to take deep root in the lives of those kids who trusted the Lord on Friday night.

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