My Wife Drives Like A Yankee

Tuesday, August 02, 2011
I am a Southern boy who married a Yankee woman.

When I say "Yankee", I mean it. She's not from some generic state above the Mason-Dixon line like Ohio. She is from Vermont.

Which is way up there, is very cold, and whose only representative in Congress is a Socialist.

As in, self-titled Socialist.

So, our backgrounds are quite different and this shows up in a lot of ways. Such as the way we drive.

I drive fairly cautiously. Truth be told, I am a little bit of a jumpy driver. I'm not proud of this. But jumpiness aside, the way I look at it, I drive like the non-NASCAR faction of the South - courteously, defensively, graciously, kindly.

Miranda drives like the NASCAR faction of the North. She's fast, changes lanes quickly, is aggressive and she tailgates. Down here in the South, we don't reckon tailgating is polite, ya'll.

And here is my confession: she is a far better driver than me.

It's true. She is more fluid, more decisive, and less reactive. And recent studies have suggested that the "defensive driving" in which we are trained here in the U.S. is actually more dangerous than the more aggressive driving favored in foreign nations like Germany, France, and Los Angeles.

What's the lesson in this? (Probably one lesson is gonna be 'check with your wife before you post a blog entry calling her a Yankee', but I'll have to see about that.)

-Just because you have always done something one way doesn't mean that one way is best.
-Just because someone does something differently than you doesn't mean they are wrong.
-Always challenge your assumptions.
-Never quit learning.

Where can you apply those four lessons in your spiritual life?

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