My First-Ever Post About Circumcision

Wednesday, August 03, 2011
One of the "discussions" Miranda and I had before Beckett's birth a couple of months ago was about circumcision. Because she is kind of a granola-making (literally) hippie (kind of) from Vermont (literally) AND because she is incredibly tender-hearted, she was reluctant for a while to have the deed done on Beckett.

Because I am anything but a hippie, can be a bit cold-blooded, and because I know what male locker rooms are like, I was in favor. And both of my other sons had it done and are all good. We did some research and decided to get the procedure done, though we certainly see both sides of the issue. In other words, don't email me if you have strong opinions about circumcision, as that is not the point of this post.

Well, Beckett had a relatively traumatic few days in the neo-natal intensive care unit so Miranda's maternal instincts were on hyper-drive by the time he was doing better and it was time for the procedure. I have to admit, even I was hesitating a bit. It didn't help that the doctor doing the procedure looked and talked like a smarmy used car salesman (Don't email me if you are a used car salesman, because you are the non-smarmy one who is the exception to the rule. I know this.) and couldn't look you in the eye.

As they wheeled Beckett out Miranda gave me the LOOK. All married guys or guys in long term relationships know what I mean. The one that says "everything that is happening, is about to happen or ever will happen connected with this issue about which we disagree was, is, and forever will be entirely and absolutely your fault." Truth be told, the LOOK usually has some grounding in reality.

When he came back to the room screaming bloody murder, Miranda gave me the LOOK with teary eyes. I wanted to crawl under a rock. Did I mention how tremendously tender-hearted she is? It is a seriously great complement in a marriage partner for a guy who can be an insensitive jackwagon.

Well, our little circumcised guy is all fine now and I think doesn't hate me for having the procedure done (though there are times when he has a strange look in his eye like he's thinking 'wait till I am a teenager, dude'). Come to think of it, if he ever reads this blog post he'll probably say, "Seriously, Dad, writing about my CIRCUMCISION on the world-wide interwebs?!".

So, the whole deal got me thinking about circumcision and the Bible. Circumcision is a BIG deal in the Bible and it has always been shrouded in emotion and controversy. But understanding the concept of circumcision - literally and spiritually - is a big deal.

So, do me a favor - go read Colossians 2:11-15 and come back here tomorrow...

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