Spiritual Momentum Diagnostic Questions

Monday, August 08, 2011
Where do you need to invest in creating and sustaining positive spiritual momentum, based on Hebrews 12:1-2

Remember those who have gone before
-Am I regularly and systematically reading and studying the Bible?
-Is the Bible getting from my head to my heart?
-What steps can I take to insure that I am absorbing the Bible and its true stories?

Eliminate the things holding you back
-Am I hanging on to sinful patterns, attitudes, and behaviors? Why?
-Is there clutter in my life that I can simplify?
-Is there something I know I need to do that I am hesitating to pull the trigger on?
-What steps can I take to strip off the weights that are holding back my spiritual momentum?

Commit to persevere no matter what
-Am I discouraged? Do I need a fresh vision of hope?
-Do I default to "I can't" instead of "He can"?
-What can I do today to remind myself that the race is worth running?

Stay focused on Christ above all else
-Is there anything in my life I am trusting more than Jesus?
-Are my eyes fixed primarily on something other than his person and his work on the Cross?
-What steps can I take to keep Jesus as my most cherished prize?

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