A NEW Thing

Tuesday, January 03, 2012
It fits that we launch the NEW year with a NEW teaching series called, appropriately enough, NEW!

We'll be looking at what the Bible says about how we can get a fresh, new start in key areas of our lives.

This past Sunday I was at our NEW Blakeney Campus - a NEW thing for NLC! Even without any publicity (we are still very much in "soft launch" mode) and on NEW Year's Day - a day when some other churches actually cancelled services there were 120 people there. I was pumped.

I am beyond excited about the NEW things God is going to do there.

And I have to say how much I appreciate the people of Crosspoint, the church we merged with to make NLC Blakeney happen. This is all obviously NEW for them but they have jumped in with incredible spirit, kindness, a welcoming heart, and high level commitment. So grateful for these NEW friends and partners in ministry.

Lots of folks are open to checking out church in a NEW year. This is a great series and a great week to invite everyone you know to check out NEW at either the Matthews or Blakeney campus!

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