To Sing, Or Not To Sing?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Church music has always been a interesting topic for me. One thing has always been for sure: ITS ALWAYS DIFFERENT!

Hi, guys - I am Samuel Donahue - the Creative Arts Pastor at the Next Level Blakeney Campus.

From church to church you can always expect a totally different style of music. The great thing about Next Level is how much variety you hear in one place, each week.

In a single week you could very likely hear a Next level Worship song,  a old time revised hymn,  a Chris Tomlin song, or a Coldplay song! If there is one thing that is true about our music it's that there will always be a song that you love and can sing along with. 

So no matter which campus you attend this week - Matthews or Blakeney - , know this...There will be great music for you to sing, and to Sing LOUD! 

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