God Is For God

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
There is a great church in our city called Elevation Church. They are our "partners in crime" in both Matthews and Blakeney and we are thrilled to see the impact they are having in our city.

We pray for them regularly and especially in this stretch of days as they are hosting an eleven night series of meetings featuring some amazing speakers.

Several nights ago, they hosted a pastor from Dallas named Matt Chandler. He preached a message that was nothing less than stellar, and you can (and should) watch it here.

His point was simple: God's goal in everything he does is for his glory, his fame, his renown.

It's not about us.

Which means it's not about me as an individual - my happiness (which is fleeting and dependent on circumstances), my wants, my desires, my car, my wardrobe, my preferences, my influence, even my needs.

Which means it's not about us as a church - our reputation, our resources, our size, our Pastor.

It's about God - knowing him, making him known, seeing HIS reputation enhanced and honored.

The only one who ultimately deserves honor is Him.

Take my eyes off that and my life becomes frivolous.

Take our eyes off that and church becomes a production.

Keep our eyes on that and we get the thing greater than happiness - joy.

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