What Are Your Goals (For Fun)?

Monday, January 09, 2012
True confession time:

1. I am a rabid goal setter. Marathons (at least until a few years ago), Bible reading, intellectual pursuits, finances, writing...I love me a goal. I am motivated by goals, driven (at times) by goals, altogether fond of goals.

2. I stink at fun. I am not very fun. Largely because I spend so much time pursuing goals relentlessly and don't allow much margin for stuff outside of the pursuit of the goals.

3. I am cheap. Yep, the prototypical cheap guy. Cheap, cheap, cheap. I wear clothes for ten years, eat leftovers for lunch most days, clip coupons, drive cars till the doors fall off (nearly literally).

Therefore, it comes as somewhat of a shock to me that this year one of our goals is to have fun by spending a little bit of money.

We don't spend money in our house. Miranda is maybe the greatest bargain shopper of all time. She re-did our bedroom with all new furnishings for (I am not making this up) $250..... by going to junk sales and pawn shops.

And me? I don't spend money (remember?). So we economize with the best of them.

But this is the goal Miranda and I have established: Over the next two years, we are going to eat at each of the restaurants Charlotte magazine names as the best twenty-five in our city, the illustrious 704.


Because it is fun and it will enhance our relationship.

That's it.

It doesn't fit with either of us.

I don't spend money (remember?).

And she is taking us on a no-refined-sugar, no-flour diet excursion the thought of which makes me weep, gnash my teeth, and pound the table in despair......which I am on board with solely because I love her.

And I have no idea if the food critics at Charlotte magazine know what they are talking about, although our online study of said twenty-five restaurant menus has been mouth-watering so far.

But we need a goal that is fun and that enhances our relationship.

Because there are few things more important in a relationship than fun.

What are you doing for fun right now in the relationships that matter most to you?

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