SOAP and A Great Online Tool

Friday, January 13, 2012
One of the coolest apps ever invented is YouVersion, which brings together dozens of Bible versions and some other really cool features. Best of all it is all free.

One of the things I like the most is that it has a number of Bible reading plans which it will text or email right to your phone every day. Click and you can be reading no matter where you are! This year I am doing the Chronological Plan which takes you thru the whole Bible in the order the events actually happened. Kind of cool and quirky - so far in the first two weeks I have gone from the first part of Genesis to Job.

I'm telling you this because there is a cool tie-in between YouVersion and the SOAP Life Journal reading plan we use to help you grow in both Bible reading and prayer. You can get a Life Journal at both the Matthews and Blakeney campuses each weel.

One of YouVersion's reading plans is tied to the SOAP process - it will take you thru the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice this year. And since it is only mid-January, there's still time to get going!

Check it all out here. Click on "Bible" and follow to Reading Plans.

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