The Best Team In The World

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 0 clicked here to leave a comment
We just finished our all-staff meeting and I am reminded again of how glad and grateful I am to get to work with this amazing team.

They work incredibly hard but also know how to have fun. Today, we celebrated the incredible results from High Stakes Giving Commitment Sunday (did I mention that I will let you know that number on Sunday??).

We got really wild and had a toast with OJ and coffee and bananas and bagels...but then we also gave gifts out...Hot Wheels cars (parking lot...get it?).

Mark got the Jeff Gordon car because Jeff is the pretty boy of NASCAR and Mark is the pretty boy of Next Level...Harley Man Rob got a chopper...Harrison got Kasey Kahne which means pretty much nothing except that it came with a cool magnet in the shape of Kasey's hood.

You get the picture.

We pretty much roll low to the ground in terms of expense but when you are working with people you love, like, and respect Hot Wheels and bagels beat champagne and foie gras any day.

(And to my guys...I know I slipped away from the detail/calendar/Chinese water torture part of the meeting...sorry. No, really - sorry. Not.)

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