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Tuesday, November 20, 2007 0 clicked here to leave a comment
The people that make up Next Level Church always blow me away. They continually humble me as well, and High Stakes Giving was no exception to this trend. In fact, I thought I was doing pretty good myself until I heard some of the stories of incredible faith and sacrifice from the people of NLC.

It's the family that wasn't sure if they could make their house payment and still they felt led by God to give a parking space.

It's the guy that cashed in some the equity in his universal life insurance policy to make room for disconnected people to connect to God.

It's the 8 year old girl who emptied her piggy bank and gave over a hundred dollars.

It's a guy that hawked a Limited Edition Jimmy Page Les Paul on ebay to pay for 5 spots because he was short on cash. And God blessed him when just this week he landed a huge contract at work.

It's also the family who wasn't sure if they could make the power bill who felt like they should put God first. And their power got turned off on Saturday.

It's people who are elevating God above all else in their lives. People honoring God and giving Him all the credit that is due to Him. And doing it no matter what the cost, because the stakes are so, so high. Next Level you guys rock. From the bottom of my heart you have humbled me. God is great. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you how much you raised! Oh wait, no I didn't Todd is doing that on Sunday and you won't want to miss this........

Also, apparently at the NLC staff meetings there is a new policy where we slip away from the meeting at the places we find boring. So I'll see you guys on Tuesday... NOT ;) HA!

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