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Monday, November 12, 2007 1 clicked here to leave a comment
It's the guy who collects vintage guitars and says to Harrison "Can you help me sell this Les Paul on eBay? I think it is probably good for six parking spaces".

It's the third grader from Kid City who comes downstairs on the way to church with $131 - her entire net worth - collected from piggy banks and sock drawers...intending to buy as much of a parking space as she can.

It's the woman who is selling one of her diamonds. The family who has a garage sale to raise High Stakes funds. The single woman who takes on an extra waitressing job leading up to Commitment Sunday. The leadership family who is willing to give up Christmas to leverage a parking spot.

It's all of the other stories I don't know.

It's your story.

This Sunday. Two commitments.

First, $150,000 raised to pay for desperately needed parking. $1,000 per spot, or as much as we can sacrifice.

Then, starting January 1:
If I don't give, begin giving.
If I don't tithe, begin tithing.
If I tithe, begin giving sacrificially.

All for them - the disconnected people and families - people on their way home to God - who can't find parking currently.

But also for us - the joy and satisfaction that comes with giving ourselves away, sacrificially.

But, more than anything else - for Him. To see Kingdom ground taken as people come home to God.

Six days and counting.....

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  • kay said...

    this is what i have to remember...

    A Sacrifice is not a Sacrifice unless it's a Sacrifice.

    thank you Next Level for helping me to remember the the ultimate Sacrifice that was made for me.

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