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Monday, November 26, 2007 0 clicked here to leave a comment
It's always weird not to be at NLC on Sunday, but I had a blast yesterday speaking over at Weddington Community Church, where my friend Blake is pastor.

They are as directionally confused as we are. They have Weddington in their name, people sort of think of them as in Waxhaw, their mailing address is Matthews, they meet at Weddington High School, and the name of their road is Monroe-Weddington!

For our part, we think of ourselves as targeting Charlotte, but our offices are in downtown Matthews, our address is Matthews, but our property is actually in the thriving metropolis of Stallings!


So, I appeared via video at NLC with the awesome announcement that you guys blew the doors off of High Stakes Giving!

$165,000 and counting.

I was blown away - we all were.

You stepped up and sacrificed and came through for the least "sexy" project imaginable - a parking lot.


Because you get vision...and passion...and you have a heart for the disconnected.

You guys are amazing.

Now, the next hills are there to be taken...Ballantyne and beyone - Project 485.

Way to go, NLC.

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