High Stakes Campaign Results

Monday, November 19, 2007 0 clicked here to leave a comment
...will be announced Sunday!

(insert creative tension and drama here).....

I'll tell you this for now.

The results exceeded my best case best-case scenario.

The results did not make sense.

The results absolutely will confound the well-meaning naysayers who said "The way you are doing it for the project you are doing it for will never work".

The results say everything there is to be said about the heart and passion of the people of NLC.

The results say everything in the world about the greatness of God and the way he wants to use NLC to transform the spiritual landscape of the city of Charlotte...beginning in Matthews and going to I-485 and WAY beyond.

This week, we'll share some High Stakes stories that will rock your world. And on Sunday, we'll let you know the final results!

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