Giving Ourselves Away in Mexico

Monday, June 30, 2008

When I asked them what their favorite part of the trip was I got the same response almost without fail.  It wasn't seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time, or playing Tazmanian Kickboxing next to the campfire, or even those delicious (yet suspiciously feline tasting) tacos in Rosarito.  It was much bigger: "When we turned over the keys to their new house," they would say, "to Magali and her daughter Leidi.  That was my favorite part."

A week ago a group of 14 people, mostly high school students under the age of 16, returned from a week long home building trip to Mexico.  They knew their was a big need and they were willing to sacrifice their time and their money in a big way to make it happen.  These students raised $1,000 each to go on the trip.  That's a lot of cars washed, miles roller-skated at Sonic, and birthday money saved.  But the trip cost even more and so the people of Next Level Church put there money where their mouth is and made it possible for the students to go to Mexico and give themselves away.

Was it worth it.  I know Magali and Leidi think so.  
And I know a group of students that will tell you they understand what it means to give themselves away in a whole new way.


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