Ready To Be Home and Haven't Left Yet

Saturday, June 07, 2008
Early Monday morning I'll head to California with Jared and Rob, bound for a gathering of church planters where I'll have the chance to share some of the leadership stuff from this summer's NLC Leadership.

Very glad to go - this particular network is full of great, humble, energizing folks - but as always these days I am ready to be back at Next Level...even before I have left.

I love to travel, but I want to do less and less these days because I love being around the Next Level staff and leaders and I love being on one of our campuses on place on earth I would rather be.

I am glad that part of the Cali trip will be an A's-Yankees game and I will get to add another minibat to BJ's collection...did you know you can't take minibats on an airplane anymore - have to check them?

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