Teeing Up Father's Day

Monday, June 16, 2008
So I am one of those guys who thinks golf on TV is one of the most exciting sports. Particularly weekends of majors. Can't wait to watch the greats of the game battle it out mano y mano on Sunday afternoons.

And the U.S. Open yesterday was shaping up as a classic, with a wounded Tiger stalking the field.

Thing is, BJ almost always has soccer training on Sunday nights right in the middle of the last round of a given tournament.

Now, I want to be clear - I don't regret that a bit. I am well aware of what a blessing it is to have sons and to get to go to their sports stuff and spend time with them like that. But there was - maybe - a tiny little twinge at standing out on a field for two hours on Father's Day during the final round of the U.S. Open.

And I have to admit I was checking the scores via Justin's cell phone tuned to Sporting News Flash every ten minutes or so...or calling Mark for more up to the date reports.

But then there was this moment.

I was shagging balls behind the goal where the guys were practicing left-footed shots. And, suddenly, I took it all in. The warmth. The light breeze. The freshly-mown grass. The peace of a Sunday afternoon soccer field punctuated by the laughter and shouts of a few kids. This sense that I am one of the most fortunate, blessed men in the world to live where I do, to have the sons I do, to have the job I have, to be in this place, now.

Do you know those moments? The ones where everything is right and good and peaceful and the only proper response is "thanks".

Not a bad way to spend a Father's Day.

Oh, and lest you think everything was golden with golden boy, BJ absolutely took $5 from me on Saturday when he bet that Tiger was going to make the seventy-footer on 13.

Kids today...

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