Justice Project Weekend

Monday, June 02, 2008
Huge weekend coming up for NLC. As part of our involvement with Justice Project in the Villa Heights neighborhood near Uptown, we are focusing our efforts on an Extreme Home Makeover (to, ahem, coin a phrase).

Here's the backstory:

Eighteen years ago, Elizabeth bought a home for her and her daughter. Last year, her daughter died of cancer and Elizabeth took in her four grandchildren. The household also includes Elizabeth's nephew and a girl from the neighborhood, whom Elizabeth is raising as her own. Six kids in the house. Ages 7-18. And Elizabeth is a grandmother. Whew!

So NLC's job is to make their very small home suitable for raising six kids. Tons of folks have donated materials and labor and now our folks will be bringing it all together this weekend.

While our men and women are working on the house, Elizabeth and the kids will be staying in a nice hotel, enjoying meals on NLC, playing laser tag, seeing a few movies and visiting the Lazy 5 Ranch...and then returning to their "new" home - we're pumped about all of that!

Come on by, whether you are a skilled worker or just want to plant flowers or paint a room. Saturday 8 AM-8PM and Sunday 1 PM-8 PM. 1826 Allen Street.

Melissa, our Director of Community Service, can give you more info if you need it: 734.674.3905.

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