Mexican Toothache

Sunday, June 22, 2008
No, the subject line won't make sense later.

But I was really glad to see Jared and some of the rest of the Mexico Mission Trip group back at NLC this morning...did not expect to see them considering how late they got in! Apparently the trip was off the hook and included building an entire house in less than three days! Looking forward to hearing more and also looking forward to our second summer trip to Guatemala.

As for the toothache part, I think I have got one. I don't think I have ever had one before and so I am having a hard time telling if this is toothache or lockjaw or something. Weird symptoms.

Anyway, it has been quite painful for the last two days and I was somewhat concerned about speaking this morning. Crazy (or maybe not so crazy), but I experienced exactly zero pain while speaking...then walked to the lobby and Pavilion and it started hurting all over again. And hurts now.

However, I am determined to avoid going to the dentist, and will gratefully receive offers of folk remedies, your great-grandmother's homeopathic cure, or unexpired prescription drugs (KIDDING!) - pretty much anything not involving eye of newt or felony charges...

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