Not A Plain Plane (Flight)

Thursday, June 12, 2008
Back from Oakland and a great time with the Growing Healthy Churches Network.

You really should ask Jared about his conversation on the Charlotte to Phoenix leg of his flight, sitting in the row behind me.

The conversation with the extremely drunk guy and the confused girl who thought the police should not exist but that certain people should be in jail (which sorta raised the question who would put them there) and who swore that if the animals ever declared war against humans she would take up arms on the animals' side.

I learned a lot. About the effect of alcohol at altitude, postmodern culture, the pain of the human heart outside of Christ, and Jared's compassion and also wisdom.

God must have known Jared is a better conversationalist than me because next to me I had - well - no one...and one seat over was napping iPod listening guy!

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