The Big Mo

Monday, October 06, 2008
A good weekend for two of my three sports teams!

First, the beloved Tar Heels crushed UConn and entered the ranks of the Top 25 for the first time in four years, setting up a showdown with Notre Dame this coming Saturday.

Then the Panthers destroyed the Chiefs (Panthers fans know how surreal it is to be RELAXED watching a Panthers game in the fourth quarter!).

Only loose end is that the Red Sox failed to close out the Angels, but with the series at Fenway, I am confident.

Both the Heels and the Panthers have at least one thing in common these days - momentum.

Momentum is one of the most powerful forces in the world. When you have it, it feels like anything is possible. Your dreams are bigger, your vision is clearer, your execution is sharper.

When you have momentum at work, your confidence level is sky high.

When a church has momentum, people are coming and growing and its leaders dare to dream.

When your personal spiritual life has momentum, you can serve people and kill idols in ways that just seem to come naturally.

In this season at NLC - Life Groups launching, the Mint Hill Campus preparing to launch, and the auditorium going up fast in Matthews - we are blessed with momentum.

Is the same true for your personal life?

Take some time this week to assess the amount of momentum in yoru spiritual life at the moment, examine what might be keeping the Big Mo from kicking in for you, and dialogue with God about the next steps which will create momentum and growth!

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