CountDown 3...2...1...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
There is never a more intense time than right before something big is about to happen.  Think about it...right before a space shuttle launches into space, right before a U2 concert starts, right before New Years, right before the an NFL game cranks up...there is always an intense feeling in the air.  And accompanying that intense feeling is almost always some type of countdown.  Right before blastoff, a countdown, right before the band hits the stage, a countdown, right before the clock strikes midnight, a countdown, & right before kickoff, a countdown.  And right now, we are in one of those seasons at Next Level Church, an intense season where something big is about to happen, and everyone knows it, so we have got our own countdown going on, and we want you in on it!  We affectionately call it "Countdown 321!"  Here's why:

3: This November, we will officially have 3 campuses in the city of Charlotte!
2: We are right now only 2 months away from being in a brand new auditorium in Matthews!
1:  Even when all this happens, we are still 1 church...simply in multiple locations!

So, the countdown is officially on!  And that means something very specific for everyone at Next Level Church.  All of this means that the number of Volunteer opportunities available at Next Level is rising dramatically.  With people leaving their currents positions to launch campuses, and new positions opening up with the new auditorium, NOW is a better time than ever to get plugged in to Volunteering at NLC!  So, this Sunday, you'll find a CountDown 321 card in your chair. Pick it up, and see if there are some places you might be able to plug in and serve.  After all, it's the volunteers of Next Level that make Sunday Mornings a reality!  

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