Mint Hill and Project 485

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
It is hard to believe that the launch of the Mint Hill Campus is less than a month away - November 9th!

Lots happening around that launch:

-The site has been secured (Crown Pointe Elementary).
-All of the equipment has been ordered.
-Starting this Sunday the Mint Hill launch team will be worshipping in the Student Center at 11 AM to build community and begin to experience video teaching.

What does the Mint Hill launch mean for all of us?

-If you live near Mint Hill, join the launch team! You'd be crazy not to. It is a rush to be a part of something new and pioneering and God always honors a pioneering spirit.

-If you are staying in Matthews, realize that we are losing a lot of our best, most key volunteers to the Mint Hill launch team. This is the time for you to step up and serve if you have not been doing so. We'll have very specific information on service opportunities this Sunday at Matthews - but know this: if you are on the bench and not on the ministry playing field, you are experiencing less than God's optimum joy for your life.

Also a good time to remind ourselves why we are committed to Project 485.

-It is the quickest and most effective way to reach South Charlotte - instead of expecting people to come to us, we go to them.
-Video teaching is incredibly effective at reaching a video generation of people far from God.
-Charlotte growth and development is following the 485 loop - and good missionaries go where the people are going!
-We know that when we give ourselves away to connect people to God, then God shows up in big, city-altering ways!

A campus near every exit off of 485 - big task...bigger God!

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