House of Blues

Monday, October 06, 2008
We normally prepare our series months in advance and the House of Blues series is no exception.  So I can't help thinking that it was God who led us to pick the topic of work for the first couple weeks in October here.  Especially considering the Wachovia mess, the bailout package, and the general feeling of uncertainty in Charlotte right now.

As you listen and watch the messages over the next couple of weeks watch the tie back to the book of Ecclesiastes.  The book often represents a viewpoint "under-the-sun" that is without God in the picture.  As if what you can see and touch is all there is.  Because of this viewpoint it is a great place to go to give expression to what we often feel day to day when we forget to picture our world from God's perspective.

The viewpoint of Ecclesiastes also reminds us that it can be rather silly to to take an open-the-Bible-and-point approach to reading the Bible.  If you didn't know that Ecclesiastes often represents a viewpoint apart from God it could be a pretty confusing book!  One tool that can be extrememly helpful with this is a book called How to Read the Bible Book by Book.  I just checked on Amazon and you can get a used copy for like $8.  Click here to go to the Amazon page.  You don't have to have any special knowledge or training but it could make a big difference as you search the Bible for wisdom for life.

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