When God is Present

Friday, January 09, 2009
[posted by Jared]
So I don't always post about student ministry stuff on the blog, but there has been such exciting stuff going on that I have to let you know about it.

Part of what makes student ministry so much fun is the freedom you have to worship God in surprising and unexpected ways... So right before Christmas we decided to step outside of the little box that we had created for worship services and stretch ourselves. We were singing and shouting scripture with hands raised and praying and listening to the Holy Spirit and the craziest thing happened. We became aware of God's presence in a whole new way. When I presented the good news about how much God loves us despite all our imperfections eight students made the decision to believe and follow Christ for the very first time. That's not people rededicating their lives or anything; that's eight people who moved from death to life; eight people choosing to live in God's reality right now.

Then the very next time we got together Pastor Robbie shared the same truth with a slightly different group of students and three kids came up to him after the service to tell him they had made that same decision! That is God at work in student's lives!

Anyway, I was pumped and I knew you would be too, so I had to let you know!

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