Where This Is Headed (Todd)

Friday, January 09, 2009
Very pumped about this series we are in. Not just because of the fun of the Beatles music, but because of the main point - God's dream for us is to live in community and He gives us the resources and opportunities to make that happen if we will seize that. Amazing thought that our God Himself exists in community and as people created in His image we get to as well.

This week I'm going to be talking about the four relationships you need to enjoy spiritual success. It will be relevant to either Christ-followers or people who are open spiritually - so make sure you bring someone.

The series is going to culminate on Super Bowl Sunday (hopefully the day the Panthers take the big win!) with a Life Group Kickoff...and in a sense that is the whole point. At the heart of Next Level is the Life Group experience. Simply put, if you are not in a Life Group you are not experiencing all God has for you.

These are tough times to commit to a group. You are probably working more hours than ever before. You are probably more stressed than you have been in a long time. The last thing you probably think you need is one more commitment, even for only eight weeks.

But, trust me - this is exactly the time when you need the support and encouragement of other folks who are committed to taking the next best spiritual step.

So, that is my challenge - figure out how you can budget the time to hook up with a Life Group and sign up at the Kickoff. It is a big part of God's dream for you!

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