Let it Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer [by jared]

Monday, January 19, 2009
Charlotte, it turns out, has been a big disappointment.  
I was born in South Florida, I grew up in SoFla, and I lived there until I moved to Charlotte when I was 21.  So, needless to say, it never snowed when I was growing up.  Sandcastles were a regular occurrence, but snowmen were out of the question.   One time when I was in elementary school it was sleeting for about a minute and this was such a rare occurrence that I can still remember where I was when it happened.  

So when I moved to Charlotte (which I had naively assumed was a northern city) I expected it to snow all winter.  As I said: big disappointment.  Long-time Charlotte natives tell me that it used to snow here all the time, but that it no longer does.  I don't know whether Al Gore is right or what, but I do know that this is not how it's supposed to be. 

So I say: Way to come through Charlotte!  And for all of you out there, enjoy the snow tonight.  I don't know exactly what this post has to do with Next Level, but I thought I should let you know.  Be safe.  Have fun.

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