Two Services Already? (Todd)

Friday, January 16, 2009
When we opened up the new auditorium on the Matthews Campus on Christmas Eve, we thought we had a plan.

We'd go with one service, give the church time to grow until we needed two, and then - hopefully by June or so - expand back to multiple services.

It made sense. We'd grow to about 80% capacity in the auditorium and the parking lot and in Kid City/Studio 45 and then do it. It would be nice to have one service for a while, a good break.

Until we hit the 80% capacity mark on our second Sunday in the new building. Zoinks!

We are committed to being great stewards of this great building God has blessed us with. And part of that means providing multiple options for worship so that we can reach more and more people and see more and more connected to Christ.

So, we have pulled the trigger....

TWO SERVICES beginning on FEBRUARY 1, at 9:30 and 11 AM.

That is a very big Sunday, because it also marks our winter Life Group semester Kickoff.

What does this mean? Well aside from the obvious - a choice in worship time - it means we now need double the amount of volunteers for Student Ministry, Children's MInistry, and First Impressions. Which means that if you are not in the game of volunteering and serving, it is a great time to get off the bench!

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