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Wednesday, January 07, 2009
Let me tell you why I love my job. I get to sit in this great meeting every Tuesday called Creative Team Meeting where we come up with all kinds of cool ideas. Those dumb videos starring Jared and I are a product of creative team. The stage decoration and special songs come from this meeting, along with all other kinds of ideas that never get used; if you even knew the kind of ridiculous things that get suggested as real ideas... but that is the fun of the meeting!

It's actually relevant for me to be telling you this, and here is why: our brand new series, "The Gospel According to St. John, St. Paul, St Ringo, and St. George", is a totally original Next Level Church creation. It really is a Next Level kind of idea when you think about it... imagine our dialogue. Let's do a series built around the idea of community! Hmmm... what should we call it? (Insert like 5 awful ideas here...) Hey, I know! The Beatles sang a lot about love and friendship... let's do a series where we do a Beatles song every week and use their music to point out lessons about community! Yeah, that sounds great... what should we call it, though? All You Need is Love? Everything I Need to know about Community I learned from the Beatles? (Insert about 10 seconds of silence.) ...Do you guys think this would be sacrilegious?

And we have a series title. I'm so excited for this teaching series. First of all, any time we get to play fun music, I personally have a blast up on stage. But more than that, I am a huge fan of our people learning about how to live in community... Jesus never meant for us to follow Him as lone wolves, renegades on the path to spiritual growth. No, He built us to live in community, to hang with people like us and not like us, so that we can learn about life and love in a firsthand way.

Come hang out with us as we play Beatles music and learn about love and community. I can seriously promise that you won't be let down.

PS- If I had to pick, I'm probably a Lennon guy... No offense to Paul. I just love the walrus...


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