Older and Younger Brothers (Todd)

Monday, February 23, 2009
Lots of requests for the "signs you might be a older or younger brother" from the teaching yesterday - Luke 15.

Because I am always late getting my material in, was not able to put anything in the worship guide...so here you go:

Signs Of An Younger Brother
1. You become furious if anyone threatens your freedom or tells you what to do.
2. Nothing scares or angers you more than the prospect of being controlled.
3. You tend to consider decisions first in light of what they mean for you.

Signs of An Older Brother
1. When life is hard you are not just sad, but angry, bitter, and blaming.
2. You have a tendency to feel superior to those who are not as moral, successful, or self-disciplined as you are.
3. You are critical, but you can’t stand criticism.
4. Right now, you have a good justification for items 1-3 above.


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