WARRIOR: Final Week! (Robbie)

Friday, February 27, 2009
I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this Sunday.  Now, I know that sounds completely cliche and you probably think I'm just trying to hype attendance (which is fine if it does), but I am honestly genuinely pumped about the final week in this series we have been in called "The Warrior!"  Here's why...

This week, Jared is going to be talking about what it means to be a Warrior in your Marriage, and how to fight for your relationship. (Disclaimer: whether you are married or not, if marriage could EVER be a possibility for you, you don't want to miss this coming week.)  

Now honestly, until our creative mtg. this week, I had honestly thought this Sunday might look like any other.  But as we began to discuss what it meant to be the kind of husband that God has designed us to be, I realized, that not only do I desire the same thing in my marriage as most other guys do in theirs, I also realized that my screw-ups in my marriage fall under the same screw-up category as most other guys too!  For the most part, we ALL have the same struggles and desires when it comes to our relationships!  Guys, we are more alike than we could have ever imagined...  


If you are a man, who wishes their could be more to your marriage, than this Sunday is for you.  

If you are a man, who recognizes your struggles, and longs to do something about them, than this Sunday is for you.

If you are a man, who wonders if there are other people out there who think like you when it comes to marriage, than this Sunday is for you.

If you are a man, who has waited and waited for the church to finally be honest about the state of many of our marriages, than this Sunday is for you.

And finally, if you have waited and waited for someone to actually give you some honest, practical, and actual helpful advice when it comes to making your marriage work, than THIS FREAKIN SUNDAY IS FOR YOU!  

This Sunday is for me...and I know it's for you too!  Don't miss it.  

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