Lisa The Warrior [Todd]

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Pumped about round one of The Warrior series! It was an awesome beginning for this series which is designed to get at the heart of men and unleash passion for the great causes we have been given to live and die for.

Big week coming up. For only the second time in NLC history, we have a guest speaker.

Lisa Koons, a great friend of NLC through the 24-7 ministry and the Justice Project, will be speaking on Justice as a great cause worth living and dying for.

Those of you who have heard Lisa speak at our Extreme Home Makeover or as part of the Give:Love Project know that she is an incredible communicator who has this amazing ability to grab both your heart and mind, shake both up, and leave you changed.

Whatever you do, DO NOT miss this Sunday on the Matthews Campus!

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