Theory of Church (Harrison)

Friday, February 06, 2009
Let me get scientific on you for a second.

In a recently discovered equation, church= the square root of meaningful relationships multiplied by the love of Christ changing people's lives. Let me beak that down for you, as some highly bright minds put that together. (here is a highly detailed illustration)

Church is about relationships, not about being in a cool service with cool music and cool teaching. And it certainly isn't about using the word cool three times in one sentence. Without meaningful relationships, church is no better than a good TV show, unless it's like Wheel of Fortune and you can play along online, but that would be a stretch (these same scientific minds decided; they also said that The Office would substitute for meaningful relationships but for me to explain that I'd have to get into the confusing mathematics of quantum hilarity).

All of this is ties together by the revolutionary love of Jesus Christ. Without his love, the Bible says, even our best efforts are no better than a resounding gong or clanging cymbals. His love changed the world forever, and it continues to work in the hearts of those who follow Him.

What does this mean for you?

It means you should join a stinking life group! It's science, people!

Life Groups are a great place to get connected and start forming some meaningful relationships, and one of the coolest parts is that each Life Group participates in a community service activity through the Give Love Project, a Next Level Church founded and funded organization.

I hope this short essay has proved to you in a logical manner that joining a Life Group is the key piece in your church experience. Don't miss it!

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