Why We Do What We Do? (Robbie)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

People often ask us at NLC this very question.  Why the weird series titles?, why the creative designs?, why use video clips?, why special tunes at your services?, why shiny newsletters and invite cards?, why, why, why?  Basically, this is there question: "Why do you put so much creative time, effort, and energy into all these seemingly insignificant things at your church?"  For many who ask this question, it's because they have always been to the same services, sang the same songs, heard the same sermons, and read the same black and white "Times New Roman" bulletin for years.  But, at NLC, there is a very intentional reason why we do what we do, and how we do it...
let me explain...

Tonight, as Pastor Todd said, we had the privilege of being part of the memorial service of one of Next Level's most memorable people...Gary Gall.  As I sat, and listened, as person after person spoke about Gary, and how he impacted their life, they ALL had a "Gary Story."  Here's what I mean; each one of these people learned valuable things from Gary in their life, but they learned those things through MEMORABLE, STICKY, moments they experienced with Gary!  It wasn't only "what" they learned from Gary, but "how" they learned it, that made it a life-altering lesson.

So, at Next Level, we have no desire to simply just...do church.  Rather, when it comes to people taking the next step in their relationship with God, we are very intentional about making our messages as memorable and sticky as possible, so they become..."Life-Altering" messages.  Maybe it's a series title, that draws that guy in who needs something, but never would have set foot in the door otherwise.  Maybe it's the look of the series, that makes someone proud to show it to their disconnected friend.  Maybe it's the movie clip, that perfectly illustrates the point that that guy needs to hear.  Maybe it's that special song, that the draws in the guy who otherwise may not be interested.  Maybe it's the newsletter, or invite card that helps a series stand out in someone's mind, and causes them to give a second...or third thought to it.  

So, why do we do what we do?  Why the intentionality of all these little things?  Because like Gary, we not only want to teach people things.  We want to etch memories into peoples hearts, life-altering memories, that won't soon be forgotten.  

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