It's a Community Thing...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009
So I just caught myself. I was about to start this post with the sentence, "I am so excited about...", when I realized that I have started a bunch of posts like that. 

I guess I just really love my job. I am genuinely excited about a lot of the stuff we do at Next Level Church. 

Well, the thing I am currently excited for is Wednesday Night Community, starting tomorrow night. We don't often do "programs", extra stuff outside of Sunday morning. But this gathering, we believe in it so much we decided to just go for it, do it big, and do it right.

So here is what is happening. Everyone is meeting together for worship. Then we are breaking out into three different groups. One will stay in the auditorium and hear some great teaching from Pastor Todd and Pastor Jared. One will go over to Kid City building one and hear some great stuff on parenting from Pastor Mark and Pastor Rene. The final one will head over to the student center and will be awesome student-centered teaching for middle school and high school students.

The best part: each one of those groups will be entirely interactive to that you can discuss and engage and relate to the material being taught. It truly is a community experience!

So get out here tomorrow night... pizza will be served at 6:30 for $3. It's gonna be a great night, and a great month of Wednesday Night Community!

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