Next Level DNA, Part Two: The Power of Team

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Today I will be hanging with our staff team in Rock Hill for an intense day of planning.

We're revisiting and debriefing the two ministry seasons of 2009, reviewing the results of the Next Level Online Survey, talking about performance standards and goals for the winter ministry season of 2010, and just spending time together.

Days like today remind me that NLC does church as a TEAM. And this is more than a strategy; it is a core part of our DNA.

My title is Lead Pastor, but that does not mean that I have a unique pipeline to God, that I know better than others, or that I am to be "honored" more than any other member of the team. Jesus talked a lot and at length about the dangers inherent in setting one man or woman apart from the crowd.

My role is to be the coach-quarterback of the team - taking the lead in formulating strategy, articulating and championing our mission and core values, and taking the lead teaching role.

But my goal is to gather around me a team of leaders, each of whom are better than I would be at their role. Ideally, some of them would be better than me at MY role! I want the strongest possible team, with a diversity of strengths and opinions and perspectives.

We all need each other, and I need this staff team at NLC. Each of our ministry leaders - staff and volunteer - need their teams as well.

The leader is never bigger than the team or the mission and deserves no more honor or respect than any other team member - and that is a constant reminder that all honor and respect goes to the Lord alone!

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