Next Level DNA, Part One: Two-Deep

Monday, January 25, 2010
Spend any time at all around Next Level, and you will hear our leaders talking about "two-deep". Two Deep is a huge part of our leadership philosophy and DNA. What is it exactly?

The concept of Two Deep is taken from athletics. Championship teams are those who not only have a stellar starting lineup, but also a deep bench of capable replacements in case a starter is sidelined, sick, gets hurt or for whatever reason is unable to perform. One of the measures of the strength of an athletic organization is if its leaders are skilled at spotting and developing talented players for each position - so that each position can go at least Two Deep.

It's essential that we do the same thing at NLC in terms of leadership development. We challenge each of our leaders - in every ministry - to be developing and mentoring a replacement leader. Why is this so important?

Because ministry only happens when it is in the hands of godly and capable leaders. And sometimes leaders need a break. Or are called to another ministry. Or need a brief rest. It is at those moments when the very ministry itself may depend on whether or not another leader can step in and carry on the task and lead the team.

Let's say a ministry is functioning well, getting results, seeing life change, but there is no replacement leader. Is that a successful ministry?

Not by our standards. The job of a leader is not complete until the leader has reproduced himself or herself in their Two Deep mentee.

Yesterday, I sat on the front row and watched Pastor Robbie preach one of the best sermons in the history of Next Level Church. I thought and talked all day long about how "love is a verb, not a noun" as I bet many NLC people did as well.

The fact is that if I were to lose my ability to study or speak tomorrow, Next Level's teaching ministry would continue in the capable hands of Pastor Robbie and Pastor Jared.

In fact, we are Three Deep at the teaching pastor position.

Leaders, who is your Two Deep person and are you giving them your best?

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