What NOT To Do (Part Two)

Monday, January 18, 2010
Last time we talked about the kinds of things a church can benefit from not doing to insure that its people are not over-stressed, over-committed, relationally unhealthy, and just overall hacked off.

Best case scenario is when a church is committed to living that way and it is made of of individual people committed to living that way as well.

So, what can we as people NOT do that will immediately improve our lives?:

1. Plan family schedules (sports, music, hobbies, activities) that are so full that there is no time for old-fashioned rest and play. Stressed out kids and stressed out parents do not a happy family make. Just say NO to some stuff that everyone else is doing!

2. Acquire unnecessary things that lead to debt. In terms of TVs it is entirely possible that the 27" model you have now is not forever defeated and dominated by that 70" bad boy looking sweet at Best Buy, especially if you can't pay cash for it.

3. Overeat, overdrink, oversmoke, undersleep, underexercise. Yeah, I am talking about you! :)

4. Stay in a job you hate, one that causes you and those you love to be miserable all the time. Sure, in this economy lots of folks are grateful to have a job at all, but if you hate your job be praying, networking, looking for a way out.

5. Waste your life pursuing unimportant things without ever asking God "What is the central purpose for which you created me?"

6. Let the insanity of life crowd out intentional moments where you encounter God - in prayer, time reading the Bible, SOAPing through the Life Journal.

That's just a starter list - I'll revisit this really important topic from time to time.

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