WinterCamp X

Friday, January 22, 2010
[by Jared Kirk]
Well, it's Friday and that means that I'm just now recovering from our winter retreat this past weekend. To say it was incredible was an understatement. We took over 70 students and leaders up to the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly to disconnect from their distractions and connect with the God of the universe.

We had huge anticipation going into it because a team of 20 volunteers worked their butts off (and prayed like crazy!) to make sure that it was an organized, fun environment for students to connect with God. I might also note that we worked our butts off to make sure the whole thing only cost $85. But the real story was about who we were anticipating.

The Bible says that God is never far from those who seek him, and we had seventy people seeking Jesus with their all of their heart, soul mind, and strength this weekend. And God in his infinite graciousness responded to our prayers. He interupted our lives in a good way and set us on a path toward greater intimacy with himself. Many students made decisions concerning their lives and their faith that they shared with the leaders and with God. And most importantly God's Spirit was at work in those who believed and in those who don't yet believe.

Allow me to finish by saying thankyou to four groups of people. First to those of you who give financially to God through Next Level Church, thank you. You make it possible for us to continue to serve students and provide them with relevant, age appropriate, life changing environments. Second to the parents of students who went, thank you for all of the time, money, and prayer you pour into your kids. I believe it is one of the best investments you can make in your child. Thirdly to our team of volunteers, Wow. All I'll say here is what a tremendous amount of faith I have in you. I am so grateful for each of you. And lastly to our students. You continuously blow me away with your passion, your sensitivity to God's Spirit, your unending willingness to take God's Word at face value, and your love for one another. I am more like Christ because of the time I spend with you.

Thank you church and expect the videos and pictures to be blowing up facebook Sunday afternoon.

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