Monday Reflections

Monday, August 30, 2010
-This was a mind-blowing weekend! Most important, SIXTY-FIVE (and counting!) adults gave their lives to Jesus Christ for the first time! What an incredible series of moments as people responded to the invitation, came forward (some Baptist roots showin'!) and were prayed for.

-If YOU were one of those sixty five, know that our staff and leaders are praying for you BY NAME!

-Guns n Roses in church, baby! Props to Steve Uvegas for channelling Slash and to Harrison for somehow tying "Sweet Child of Mine" into the teaching!

-Guys, we had more people on our campus Sunday than ever before except for Easter! So great to be riding a wave of momentum and growth heading into the Fall ministry season.

-THANKS to all of you who INVITED this week!! One word...KEEP IT UP! Ever week of this series (honestly, this whole fall) is going to be off the chain.

-Wanna know what the legendary song is going to be for this Sunday? I bet you do!

-Hope you grabbed a Life Group catalog - even more, hope you signed up for one. This season is ALL ABOUT Life Groups. You do NOT want to miss being in one this fall!

-So grateful to Robbie McLaughlin for exercising his evangelism gift so profoundly. It is SO good to be able to take a week off from teaching knowing that our quality will not only NOT decline, it may actually get better!

-That said, I can't wait to be back teaching this week - this week's topic is one you do not want to miss!

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